Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Fine Mess

Standing at the door looking into the room

Tags I started on Saturday for Christmas crafts

Products that need tweaking before going into our booth for sale

Crap that needs to go to Goodwill

Gelli prints in progress

I am not proud of this mess. Really. But sometimes you are overwhelmed. Here is the story:

I had the craft/studio room cleaned and under control. 3 weeks ago I went to work at Allyscraps, as I do every Wednesday, when the landlord told me he wanted to speak to Cathy, in person. Result was Allyscraps is closing, we lost our lease. We hope to be out by November 10th.

What happens when you have 2 women who hoard art/craft supplies, and have access to 3 small rooms at the back of a store for storage? Yeah, you guessed it. I have hauled home boxes and containers full of finished crafts that are out of season, or Christmas stuff left over from last year, or pieces and bits that we bought and "would do something with" someday. Cathy's garage, which is rarely used as an actual garage, was full of products. A lot of that has gone to the store for mark-down pricing. But she now must set up part of the garage as her "store", as she is going to sell in a booth at a craft mall, and online. We have moved, thrown out, debated over, and given away so much "stuff" in the past week that we are both exhausted and quite sore.

And it's not done.

The last two photographs are Gelli prints. I bought a Gelli plate a few months ago, and just fooled with it. Disgusted with what I was producing when I was seeing some really cool stuff on Pinterest, I took an online class with Carla Sonheim. It was great, but the end of the class was the beginning of the moving/cleaning. So these prints are not finished. To complicate matters, I also signed up for an art journaling class with Journal Girl, which started this week. It also is using the Gelli plate for printing pages. Hence the quick clean of the long table.

I really need to retire....

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