Tuesday, October 22, 2013


There are all types of pet owners, just as there are all types of parents. Some people shouldn't be allowed to add to the gene pool, just as some people shouldn't be allowed to own a pet. This is my blog and my opinion. If this offends you, please move on. I will not apologize for what I see as truth in the universe.

Yesterday morning I was petting Jake, and felt a lump under his chin. When I finally got him to sit still so I could see it, I went into panic mode. To me it appeared to be a dead attached tick. Once a tick attaches, it can transmit all types of disease to your pets. I called the vet for an appointment, and off we went.

Why the panic mode? We lost a dear friend to Lyme's disease from a tick bite 2 months ago. I am a proactive pet owner, and whatever had to be done to avoid this or to save my dog would be done. Promptly. Money, you say? Yeah, well, here is the deal. My dogs rely on me to feed them, give them water, exercise, play, and love. And if they get sick, they don't know what to do, so it is up to me to take care of them. That is the commitment I made when I obtained these dogs. This is what charge cards are for.

My vet confirmed it was a dead tick. She removed it, and suggested a baseline blood test for Lyme's. I told her to do both dogs, because if the test is negative I can go ahead and have them vaccinated for Lyme's disease. I was planning on doing this anyway in the spring. Come to find out that deer ticks are most active when the weather is cooler. Like in October and November.

Until Coal died of this disease, I didn't even know there was a vaccine for Lyme's. And that brings me to the point I want to make. You, me, and anyone who loves their pets have to ask questions and do research. The ultimate protection is to use a flea/tick repellent with the annual Lyme's disease vaccine. And examine your pets often for any evidence of an attached tick.

Look at those faces above. Look into the eyes of your pet. Could you do any less? There are those that would say, "It's just a dog, or cat." And those are the ones who are missing a great deal of life.


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