Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gelli Prints

Cleaning off your Gelli plate in a journal

Water color paper

On the left is scrapbook paper, on the right water color paper

Water color paper

Water color paper
It is a dreary chilly day. Lots of fog that doesn't appear to be in any hurry to burn off, and quite damp. So I decided it was a good day to get into the studio and play.

I am currently taking an online class in Gelli plate printing. The name of the class is Junk Journal, and you can read about it on this blog. At first I wasn't very happy with what I had done, but then I had to readjust my thinking. These are not the final product. Rather we are going to cut these papers up and bind them into an art journal. They are the basis for us to journal further, giving us a head start. Once I finally got that through my brain, I was fine with what I had done.

One of the tips that Samie gave us was how to clean off your Gelli Plate into an existing journal. When you are done, and there is still paint left (there is always paint left, trust me), you apply a coat of thicker paint, and with your plate attached to glass, plexiglass, or in my case, an old marble pastry board, you flip the plate over onto your journal, pressing firmly. Leave it for about 5 minutes, and when you peel it off, the plate it clean. Plus you have some interesting designs and colors. That is the first photo above.

Really loving this. Try it!

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