Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vacation Day 2

Pat and I always do extensive research on the internet before taking a vacation. We knew we were going to rent a car in Seattle so we could get out and see some of the country in Washington state. So I had the chore of looking at what was west of the city. About every recap or review I read said you just had to take the 17 mile drive from Port Angeles up the mountains to Hurricane Ridge. After mapquesting Port Angeles, we decided that this was a 2 day event. We would drive up early on Monday morning, spend the night at a motel, and drive back on Tuesday.

First let me say that I am extremely impressed with the ferry system between Seattle and Bainbridge island. It runs on time, is one smooth ride, and not expensive. One car with 2 seniors was a whopping $15.40. Loved it. And the drive from the ferry landing on Bainbridge up towards Port Angeles was beautiful and relaxing. Very little traffic.

We stopped for lunch and directions, and set off. The park ranger had told us it took about 45 minutes to drive the 17 miles. That was accurate. Now. Why would you suppose they named this destination Hurricane Ridge? Did it occur to us that it was due to the wind when you try to open the car door? Why, no, it didn't. The winds were howling at least 60mph. Air temperature had dropped into the 30's, and I had to brace my legs to take the above photos.

So we went into the ranger station and gift shop, bought a few things, used the restrooms, and then started back down the 2 lane highway. No guardrails. The car the rental place gave us was not what I ordered. I wanted a Ford Focus. I got a Nissan Versa, which is lightweight and speedy. Especially downhill. I swear I only touched the accelerator once to get out of the parking lot. The remainder of the 20 minute ride downhill was with my foot off everything or on the brake. Never been so scared in my entire life.

But I do recommend the Olympic National Park west of Seattle. Incredible views.

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