Saturday, September 14, 2013

I am an IDIOT!

Another Duck to the left.

It's either an old age thing, or just plain forgetfulness. I have been home from vacation for 2 weeks today, and just remembered I never uploaded the small camera photos to the computer. DUH!!

And now that I look at them I really like what I did. The above were taken from the Duck, the vehicle that drives on land and moves through water. So the perspective is kind of neat. Looks like I'm sitting down in the water, which I was, but safely in a vehicle. You can see what a Duck looks like in the photo above.

The body of water is Union Lake. Our guide explained that it is called Union Lake because it unites Elliot Bay with Puget Sound. All I know is there is a whole lot of water around Seattle.

Have a great weekend.

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