Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chihuly Glass Gardens

Looking up at the ceiling between exhibition rooms

Looking up

Looking up

Pat and I had been told my locals that if you really want to see the glass garden and exhibit, the best time is at night. So we waited until after 7pm to walk to the Space Center. Unfortunately, I was referring to an old map and walked us 8 blocks in the opposite direction. So by the time we arrived, it was almost full dark. We needed the exercise.

Most of the Chihuly exhibit is inside the exhibition hall. It is beyond incredible. The artist works in glass, and from what I read is prolific to the extreme. He stated (and I know I read this in the hall) that he tries to recreate his mother's flower gardens. Besides smaller pieces representative of plants, he also does trees that glow softly in the dark. Some of those photos didn't turn out well.

Outside the Chihuly Glass House
The weather was perfect, and we were content to just wander within the gardens and enjoy the beauty.

And then we got lost walking back to the apartment.

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