Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dog Days

We had a decent summer. I guess Mother Nature just couldn't leave it at that, and the heat is on. Record breaking temperatures today (high of 96) combined with ground that is rock hard and dusty dry, and there are no chances of rain. Central Indiana is down 10 inches for the year.

This is getting boring.

I read somewhere during the drought 2 years ago that this area of the country would eventually be a desert. I am beginning to believe that. For whatever reason, the rains go north and south, and just miss the middle. By the way, the above photos were taken last month. The grass is no longer green. Crunchy is the best way to describe it now.

I have walked the dogs the past 2 days at 8am. Today I think we're staying home. It is already very uncomfortable out there.

Stay cool.

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