Friday, August 9, 2013


Sometimes it is helpful to go back and review old photographs. There are always a few out of a batch that spark my imagination and creativity, and remind me why I love photography. The three above do exactly that.

I was not going to take the big Canon D40 on vacation this year, because it is so heavy. But Pat and I discussed this. She has the same complaint. Because we have rented a car and will be doing a lot of driving, stopping, driving some more, etc., we think it won't be bad. Pat hauled her camera all over Italy in 2 previous vacations, and it about killed her back. We won't be walking a lot, my back and legs just won't allow it. So the plan is the little camera in the purse, the big camera on my shoulder, and away we will go.

These photos were taken last July at Chicago Botanical Gardens, on a very hot day. It was 92 by 9am. And this was early in the day, right after they opened. I used the little Canon Powershot I had at the time, that was then stolen when the asshole broke out my car window and took my purse in September. I like these shots. A lot. And I guess I just needed to remind myself that you have to flip things around a bit and try new angles.

Have a great weekend.

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