Friday, August 16, 2013


It is always heartbreaking when you lose a pet. When that pet belonged to a friend, you ache for them as well as yourself. So it is today.

Coal was a Newfoundland, and the best dog. He was gentle but could be assertive when the need arose. The only dog that my Jake was afraid of, and it didn't upset me in the least. Coal had corrected Jake's behavior one day, and my guy never forgot it.

Coal went over the Rainbow Bridge today. He had been sick for months, losing weight. It wasn't discovered until this week that he had Lyme's disease. His kidneys failed, and the end was here.

So I am writing this in memory of a great dog. But also as a reminder how important it is to use preventatives for canine diseases. Flea and tick infestations can be stopped with a variety of good products on the market. They must be applied every 28 days. Heart worm can be prevented, but again the medicines must be given to the dog every month.

Our pets are our families. Please take care of them. Coal, you will be missed. You were a gentle giant and we love you.

Linda, Gracie, and Jake

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