Thursday, August 8, 2013

Misc. rambling

We desperately need rain. It has been hit or miss for weeks, and our area is one that is not getting more than a 10 minute drizzle. I am back to watering trees and the big grasses in the hopes I won't lose them.

Oddly, one of our local weathermen stated yesterday that this is the end of summer. There are no forecasts for intense heat, and he feels we are moving more towards fall like weather. That's fine by me! But I did notice yesterday that 2 different types of decorative grasses in the backyard are already developing their "plumes", the tall spikes that shoot up as a last gesture of the season. It's August. This doesn't normally happen until September. Oh, boy.

And now on to a ramble: my heart sank when the news broke about the two boys who were strangled by a python. This is not the first time a large snake has killed children, and I'm sure it won't be the last because some people are morons. You can't train a snake. It is not going to sit, roll over, or fetch. It is going to do what is hardwired into it's DNA. Hunt and eat. This is my opinion, but hey, it's my blog and I can say this. ANYONE owning an exotic animal or reptile that causes death or serious harm needs to be punished. What really blows my mind is that people with pythons as pets eventually will get rid of them, and many are released into the wild. Is that a problem? Ask the state of Florida. Yes, it is an enormous problem. Florida is now having python hunts to cut down on the population. Pythons will eat small dogs and cats, and will go after children. It is a food source, nothing more.

End of rant. It just makes me sick that two more children had to die because some idiot thought it was cool to have a 14 foot snake. How cool is it now, asshole?

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