Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some new stuff

Happy 4th of July!! Please stay safe.

In the Behind the Art workshop from Christy Tomlinson, she taught us how to make a variety of backgrounds for whatever type of canvas we want to produce. Then you decide if you want to use part of that background, and "block" out the rest.

I kind of cheated. I chose to use some of the background for the girl's dress and did indeed paint yellow and red around her shoulders and braids, but then just let the remaining background flow into it. My problem is I create backgrounds I love and don't want to cover them up. Have to get over that.

Something else Christy told us: if you don't love it, cover it up. Why do we need permission for that? But of course, we do. The HOME canvas was originally a half completed girl I did in February that I hated. Not disliked, hated. I had the canvas hidden in the craft room, and after I finally realized I could not complete it, pulled it out and redid the background. Once that was done, I added the houses in an hour.

Sometimes you have to kick yourself in the ass. Sometimes.

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