Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden in the rain

One of the online workshops I took recently is entitled "Color Inspiration" with Christy Tomlinson. She encourages you to look at color combinations in magazines, stores and nature. I started an inspiration journal based on what Christy uses, tearing out ads and photo layouts in magazines. Not quite brave enough to take photos with my phone in stores, but did visit our local Pier 1 as she suggested. Wow. Tons of color combinations that I loved.

Yesterday was a rainy day here, and when I looked out the front door I saw the muted light fall on my flowers. These are SOC (straight out of the camera) shots that were not adjusted for color saturation or tonal values in Photoshop Elements. I just really, really like what the light did to the color all on it's own.

So enjoying this summer. No intense heat (yet), light rain, and beautiful color.

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