Monday, May 20, 2013

The yard revisited

The yard with squirrels. Why can't we have squirrels, Mom?


I thought I would add where the squirrels hang out in Cathy's yard. All the way at the back. The last time I had Gracie and Jake in this yard, they spent the majority of the time under the arch in the corner, looking up. Jake will occasionally try to climb something to get closer to the tempting, chattering toys, and perhaps make a lap around the yard, but Gracie hardly moves. Can we say obsessive/compulsive? Anyone who has an Australian Shepherd knows exactly what I mean.

I tried to take some decent shots of Cathy's dogs. they weren't having it. Amos is the man of the house. (Sorry, Vern. You know this is true). His teeth are crooked, he has major attitude, and he is adorable. Cathy has had him since he was a pup. Like Gracie, he has been spoiled from day one. Unlike Gracie, he doesn't like normal, dog stuff.

Otis came from a rescue group last summer. Cathy had been thinking about this ever since I got Jake, and saw a picture of Otis from that group posted on the net. She went to the Pet Supplies Plus on a Saturday, thinking she would just look at the rescue dogs available. After holding this guy, she went back home, got Vern, back to Pet Supplies Plus, and adopted him. Otis has bonded with Cathy, to the point that I told her she needs to get a canvas baby carrier, so she can cart his ass around the house. Otis has literally stopped her from working in the studio, demanding attention. He is particular about who will get his attention and affection. It took a few months, but if I go over there and sit down, the boy is on my lap. Curled up, waiting to be petted.

Otis knows a soft touch when he sees one.

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