Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I MUST clean this room

The 12x12 square canvas with just base papers

And here it is finished

Starting to adhere old book pages in strips on this wooden box

Started 5 tags...and they still look like this after 2 weeks. Shoot me now.

Okay, seriously? Do you see this stack of canvas? And there are more.
The main problem with most crafters and artists that are female is they don't know what they have. I know this because I am very guilty, as is Cathy. When I drove to Moline, IL. to take classes from Dyan Reaveley, I discussed this with the 3 women from Chicago when we were at dinner. Yep. Same syndrome. Donna Downey has said on her free videos, "She who has the most products wins".

I have one rule: do not pay full price for anything. I don't care how bad I want it, or need it for a project, it either has to be on sale or I have a coupon. Or, I work for Cathy for the remaining years of my life to get it wholesale. Therefore, when canvas goes on sale it is party time, dude! Michael's has had 40 to 60% off sales this past month, and I stocked up. But really? This photo with the stack of pretty white canvases is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 2 drawers full of smaller sizes.

When I am stuck on an idea, or just need a good kick in the ass, I will start to apply colors and inks to tags. A little technique that can get me started again. So now I have these half finished tags. See the one third finished wooden box? Yeah, well I saw a finished box approximately this size in Hobby Lobby that was $24.95. Stood there and examined the box, went over to the wood department, chose this box and whipped out my phone that has apps for Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's. Used that week's 40% coupon to purchase the plain box for $4.20. I already had book pages and Mod Podge at home. Is it done? Why do you ask? Do you think I have unfinished projects scattered all over this room?

Enjoy yourselves.

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