Sunday, May 19, 2013

Prom and a garden

Ally and Derrick

Last night, Saturday, was the Prom for the Juniors and Seniors at Avon High School. I was invited to Cathy's to see THE DRESS on THE GIRL. Long story that I probably can't go into on this blog due to legal reasons, (laugh, it happens) but not only did I want to see THE DRESS I wanted to keep Cathy from being arrested. She would have been charged with assault with a deadly plant or something along those lines.

They live on a corner lot with an old stand of trees behind them. The yard is not big, but she makes the most of it. My yard does not look like this, and never will. Gracie and Jake enjoy snacking on mulch. They also get a kick out of digging plants out of the ground, so my backyard has a pussy willow tree (really a large shrub), 2 maple trees, and 4 decorative grasses.

Cathy worked for the past 2 weeks to make this yard the perfect photo background. It was beautiful. Gracie and Jake have visited this yard several times. They love it because it smells like Amos and Otis, the two little Shitz Tzu's which I have misspelled and can't find in the dictionary because I just checked, and due to the trees has a large population of birds and...wait for it...squirrels.

While Amos will occupy himself digging in the center mound of flowers, Gracie will sit under the canopy of leaves, looking up. For hours. I really should have bought a house with mature trees in the backyard. Really.

Have a great day.

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