Monday, May 13, 2013

And what did you get for Mother's Day?

This is what I saw when I walked into the bedroom this morning

Don't bug me, Mom!

Green paws. I mowed yesterday.

Her Highness, the Diva Princess of Avon
Yesterday was Mother's Day. I received several calls from my step-daughter, a text from my granddaughter, a call from a daughter-in-law, and absolutely nothing from the 4 legged kids that live with me. I took them to the dog park for well over an hour, to run off some of that energy. I did inform them that it was Mother's Day, and they could be nice for 24 hours. That resulted in a few kisses.

We have a regular routine in the mornings. They go out, and when they come back in I have their breakfast ready. I then sit down in the kitchen to stand guard while Jake eats. Gracie is a piglet, and will try to get his food. I am the wall that prevents that. After I finish my breakfast, normally, I go to the computer to drink my second cup of coffee and check emails. This is the time they settle into their favorite spots. For whatever reason, Jake returns to my bed. He is still there. The dogs are creatures of habit just as their human owners are.

Whatever you do today, enjoy it.

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