Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fine Mess

Old Beach Towels on the table. I am a slob.

Forgot to move the step ladder back to the utility room

Open art journal on the cabinet.

My new inspiration wall

Just finished this week
I am not proud of the condition of this room. And, trust me on this, THIS is clean! It was horrendous about 5 weeks ago, when I got in a whirlwind of activity and put everything in it's place. But it is getting out of control again....

Most of my canvases are at Allyscraps in Plainfield, IN. We put them there to entice people to buy the supplies needed for creating Mixed Media art. Cathy and I have them scattered all over 2 walls. But this week I decided to put a few on my wall in the craft room. Still can't make myself call it a studio. Maybe some day I will.

I purchased the 2 Kelli Rae prints years ago when I was visiting my friend Sandy in Green Bay, WI. We were in one of the small towns north of Green Bay, and had gone to a gift shop. The two canvases to the right are mine. I've been exploring using more texture, and the one above was done with modeling paste that I colored with paint, then smeared over a plastic template or stencil. When you carefully lift the template, you are left with the image. It takes about 24 hours to dry completely and cure. (First applied old dictionary paper to the canvas with Mod Podge). Then I sprayed over the entire area with Dylusions Pure Sunshine spray. Let that dry, and decided to add some more modeling paste in black with a letter stencil. THEN decided to add the letters, which I stamped on yellow card stock.

I am having way too much fun. It must be illegal.

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