Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Whimsical Owl

Perhaps I will call him Fred. No reason.

His eyes are metal brads

Jake on the freshly laundered quilt.

A very famous nose.
I worked yesterday at Allyscraps, so the dogs went to Puppy Playground for a half day of fun. The owner, Deb, does a daily picture of whatever is going on and posts it to her Facebook page. When I arrived to pick up the babies, she showed me yesterday's chosen photograph: Gracie's nose. As Deb was snapping a photo of the various dogs, Gracie came up and sniffed the phone, giving Deb a little kiss. Basically (knowing my Aussie) she was checking for treats. One never knows how a treat may be disguised. It could look like a cell phone. One never knows.....

I am in the process of taking an online course from an amazing mixed media artist, Christy Tomlinson. She recently had a sale on her classes, so I bought 2 of them. These classes are not just "2 hour" wonders. They are divided into weeks, and there are several videos per week. Monday I watched the 2 part Owl video, and this is the result. He's suppose to be funky, whimsical, and very colorful. Still not happy with his body, but I do love the colors.

Have a wonderful, colorful day.

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