Friday, April 12, 2013


The Promised Land, the farm where we sheep herd on the weekends, has a few peacocks. You have to be careful around these birds. Usually they will just hop to a different spot if they feel threatened. Or they may turn, cock that head, and say bring it on, baby.

I had the little Lumix camera with me last Saturday. These are not the best pics in the world. I also had my hands full trying to control the 2 dogs who thought, HEY! Wouldn't this be fun to chase? Uh, no, Gracie and Jake. It wouldn't.

Today I leave for my art journaling classes in Moline, IL. I was adjusting these shots in Photoshot Elements, and thinking I would love 2 Dylusion sprays in that color blue (Peacock Breast would be a great name), and the green on the tail just to the left of the "eyes". Beautiful colors.

Have a great weekend. I do plan on one myself. It's a new adventure.

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