Monday, April 8, 2013

Mirabelle and her Melon

Good Morning.

This is the latest primitive doll I made. Actually, she was sewn, stuffed, and painted in January. I didn't finish the grunge look and clothes until last week, just before the spring sale. Beginning to suspect ADD in my old age.....

In the first photos, Mirabelle is wearing a dress of cotton fabric, and in the last photo, she has on blue coveralls of cotton. She wears a bell on a rusty wire around her neck, and holds a big slice of watermelon. Her face is needle sculpted, raising the stuffing and muslin with button thread for the eyebrows, nose, and her mouth. This is a process that requires you to swear a lot and run for bandaids. A lot. But I really love the look it gives to a doll's face. So I just grinned at the dogs, and kept on sewing.

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