Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainy Monday

It's misty type rain. I'm thinking this would be a good day for the dogs to go to Puppy Playground. Wear their little butts out.

I think it's cruel of Mother Nature to tease us with a Sunday that had spotty sun and temps in the high 60's, then turn around and kick our butts with the possibility of snow showers on Monday night. The birds are chirping in the mornings, and my maple trees have buds. Dang, Ma Nature, it's spring!

Cathy and I did the same practice canvas off of one posted by Christy Tomlinson on youtube without knowing we were each working on this same concept. Thought I'd post these so you can see the difference in our styles. I like them both. Just find it fascinating we have a different approach.

This is mine. The fence is made of scrapbook paper, then painted.

This is Cathy's. The fence is painted. Can you tell that pink is her favorite color?
We are doing another challenge. Her niece, Ally, has been asked to prom and just got a dress. It is a princess style, so Cathy made a sketch to use as the basis for a canvas, then asked me about background. We disagree on what will show up the color of the dress, so I finally texted her to do it her way, and I'll do it mine. The game is on.......

Have a peaceful Monday.

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