Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A tired pup

Jake loves to play, but doesn't always have the stamina that Gracie does. He just wears out faster. Yesterday, both dogs went to Puppy Playground for a half day of play. That is 6 full hours. I love it. You have no idea how much I love it, when the weather is wet, cold, just not good enough to take them to the dog park.

I arrived at the Playground to pick them up around 4pm. As always, they were both excited to see me. Jake in particular wanted to climb up into my arms. I even got a kiss. Then the employee told me that for the last hour, Jake was fighting to keep his eyes open. He would sit down, eyes at half mast, and then hear something that caught his interest and be off to investigate.

He fell asleep in the car. The ladies that work there love both dogs, but I think my little terrier mix has a special place in their hearts.

Life is good.

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