Wednesday, March 13, 2013


How do they always know when something is up? I haven't even removed the suitcase from the closet, yet they are both walking around, heads down, looking at me with those pathetic eyes. "You're leaving us, aren't you, mom?"

Makes me feel like crap.

I am going to the south suburbs of Chicago today, but waiting out the salt trucks. We had half an inch of snow last night, and the  pavement was just cold enough to cause major road problems. Fortunately I am in no rush to get there, the event is not until tomorrow morning, so I can turn this into a leisurely drive. Sounds like that's the only way I'll get there.

An ambush is called for: decided that the day would be very long with all 3 dogs in the house. My friend, Carol, is coming to take care of my dogs with her Newfie, Coal. Carol is currently working from home, and if she is to get any work done the dogs will need to be occupied. So I am dropping them off at Puppy Playground for half a day. When Carol picks them up this afternoon is when it will dawn on them that a trick was played.

I'm sure I'll  pay for this when I come home tomorrow night. Trust me.

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