Monday, March 18, 2013

Where is Spring?

We had a mix of sleet and rain last night. The deck is covered in slippery stuff. This is not good.

The dogs were roaming the house yesterday afternoon, so we headed to the dog park for a short run. Short it was. Winds whipping out of the north made it feel much colder than the 35 degrees it was. The sun didn't peak out until much later in the day.

To two spoiled brats who were used to being walked on a daily basis, and sometimes getting 1 to 2 hours of the dog park on top of that, this is hard to take. The cold, damp weather is hell on my back. I haven't walked them in over a month, because the last time I tried it, we almost didn't make it back to the car. My legs gave out. On the few days we've had 50's and 60's this year, the pain and discomfort disappears, and I can walk. But the forecast this week is for snow showers - on the first day of Spring. Dang.

Once the warm weather begins, we will start the drought again. The weather people are already forecasting it.

Makes you wonder.

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