Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's a dog Saturday

Do you want something?

Trying to sleep here, mom!

You woke me up!!

Do you see anything? No, do you? No. Let's bark anyway.

Cathy and Linda
For the first time in months, we are going sheep herding. This should be interesting.

I have denied Gracie this privilege since the cold weather settled in due to my spine problems. The damp, invasive cold does a real number on my spinal stenosis. It's hard enough standing up in muck, trying to guide your dog without having your legs go numb and give out. So we have stayed home. But the temperature is going up into the 50's today, the sun will be out, and we're going. Besides, this is lambing season. Might be a little early, but the birthing usually spreads over several weeks. I absolutely love seeing the babies.

Cathy did the canvas of the two of us. There is suppose to be this saying on it as well: They evolved together. Let me translate that for you: they both went off the cliff on mixed media canvases, spending way too much money on supplies together, and egged each other on. But all of that wouldn't fit on the canvas. Ya gotta laugh. Ya gotta smile. It's the only way to get through this life.

Have a good one.

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