Friday, March 8, 2013

I am awful!

Just have to get better at this! I keep saying to myself that I must post on the blog today. And it's not like I don't have things to talk about, or photos to post. Life seems to get in the way, and dang, another week passes.

Thinking that maybe I have Attention Deficit Disorder going on. Ya gotta laugh. The month of January I was sewing and stuffing dolls and bunnies like everyone in the area was going to want an item. Then I took one class in mixed media canvas, and here we are. Addicted. Cathy and I think we should start a 12 step group for this particular addiction. We keep ordering more classes online, ordering more supplies, and it just snowballs. But having a whole lot of fun in the process.

This is a canvas with a story:
It is 12x12 inches. I started by affixing scrapbook paper pieces with Mod Podge. Then I used a paint brayer to add some paint to the papers and sides. Next came the stamps. And, oh yeah, the Beatles logo and a photo from 1964.

When the Beatles invaded America, we (my friends and I) were sophomores in high school. We were all total Beatlemanics. Magazines, bubble gum cards, records, concert tickets, you name it, we did endless hours of babysitting to obtain what we wanted. So the Beatles are entwined in our own personal histories and growth.

Fast forward: my friend Pat is having some serious health issues. I am driving up to the south suburbs of Chicago this week to take her for a surgical procedure. She is nervous, scared, and needs some cheering up. Nothing, but nothing in the world cheers up Pat like the Beatles (or maybe her cats).
Paul was then and is now her favorite Beatle. And All My Loving is one of her favorite songs.

THIS was our universe in high school. Not proms, or dating, or the drama of boys. Well, maybe a little. Our world was the Beatles.

And trust me, we would do it all over again. Thanks for stopping by.

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