Saturday, February 9, 2013

A New Hobby

Like I don't have enough to do. This is all Cathy's fault. I have always been interested in art journals and altered type canvas, but felt intimidated. Not wanting to look like a complete fool, I never attempted either project. Then Cathy got on a kick, and of course, I caught the fever. So today I took a class.
You start by painting the canvas. Then you add papers or what not with Mod Podge, a product I highly recommend. It dries fast, allowing you to move to the next step faster. If you look closely, you can see that there is music paper under the cream paint on her torso. Those are vintage book pages under her head. I used cheap craft paint for the head and hair. There is only one coat on the torso, so the music shows through. I think I stopped at 3 coats on the face.

I'm pleased with this first attempt, but now know what I would change for the second canvas. The background is too dull, needs more color if I am not going to be vibrant with the doll herself. Anyhooo, it was fun and I learned the technique, which is what taking the class was all about.

Another hobby. Sigh. Not enough hours in the day.

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