Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dogs Have It

I did not crop or adjust these photos for a reason. Please look at that top photograph. That is my king size bed. With a Tempurpedic mattress that I am still paying off. See the cute little terrier mix? He rules the bed. It is his new title. I, mom, the one who feeds them and pays the bills, is lucky to be able to sleep on this bed that is unpaid.

When we reach the evening hours and it's time to read or watch tv in bed, Jake confiscates the stack of 3 pillows on the left. He knocks them down to his liking, walks around in a circle on top of the pillows, and makes his nightly nest. I have never had a dog do this before. Gracie will just flop down wherever she feels comfortable, but not Jake. In particular, he likes the old feather pillows. Really prefers them to the foam.

These photos were taken in the morning, obviously after daylight. The double windows in my bedroom face the bed, and the dogs like to lay, just as you see them, and gaze out the window. One never knows if a giraffe or elephant might enter their line of vision. Or a leaf. Everything deserves a good, strong bark. Should an ambulance go by on the busy road behind us, a long howl is in order. Until mom yells to shut up.

What would life be without them? Very dull. Lots of love in my babies.

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