Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One More Time...

This is Paul McCartney, on stage at the Scottstrade Center in St Louis, MO. on Sunday night. This man is 70 years old. Just a reminder.....

Pat and I were in very good seats to the left of the stage, straight up. We had an excellent overall view of the performance, and were much closer than when we saw him at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Paul came on stage around 8:20pm, and did not exit for the last time (two encores) until 11:15.

So how do two 64 year old women from different cities get to a third city to see this man? Pat took a train from Homewood, IL. to Effingham, IL. I drove from Indianapolis to Effingham and picked her up. We then drove to St Louis. On Monday we simply reversed it. Except....now you know there is always an exception. Her return train to Homewood would come into Effingham at 5:49pm Central Standard time. We arrived at the station, after shopping and cruising around Effingham for hours, at 3pm. Sitting in the car to keep warm (had turned cold, folks. Really cold), we wasted another hour, then decided to use the bathroom inside the station. Which was locked. OOOPPPPS! I had planned on leaving Pat about an hour before the train was due, because I still had over a two hour drive home, and had to stop and pick up the dogs as well.

Off we go to the local Walmart and a bit more shopping. I did my grocery shopping for lack of anything else. Fortunately, by the time we got back to the train station, there was someone there and it was open. I left her, and headed home.

Was it worth it? The sound quality at this venue sucked. It's a sports palace, so that is really not surprising, except Sir Paul is a bit of a perfectionist. He probably had plenty to say. The performance was superb, as always. His band is beyond reproach, playing the hits as they were first performed. The big screens with images from the stage are excellent, giving everyone a chance to see exactly what is going on. And we stayed at the Sheraton, right across the street from the Scottstrade Center. Even though it was raining, we had a very short walk to get there.

The locals were very happy to see us. St Louis is a great city, full of warm Mid West people. All in all, it was an excellent time. We met a woman who had made her own coat from old concert tshirts. We met people seeing Paul for the first time, seeing him for the fourth or fifth. Everyone was delighted to be participating.

Lots of driving. Some confusion, when I thought I had lost my credit card (was in the car. DUH!). But the experience was priceless, and one I will treasure. You go, Paul. You keep on going....

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