Friday, November 9, 2012

Bath Time

Take a close look at the different lengths of fur on this boy's face. Why is that? Because I trim his face myself. And he moves. A lot.

Whenever I pull out the scissors or grooming comb, the dogs pick a fight with one another. If we are out on the deck, which we usually are for grooming, Gracie will come up to Jake and he takes that opportunity to take off after his sister. They know. Of course they do. "Mom wants to comb us, run!"

Both of the dogs are overdue for a bath. It is happening either today or tomorrow, as this is the last of the warm days we'll have for awhile. Besides, they are going to the pet sitter's this weekend for two days. I try my best to present her with fresh smelling babies. But before the bath, I have to do something with his face. It is mandatory to trim the hair around his eyes, or he can't see. The rest of it I do just to give some sort of definition to his face. Oh, and the beard. I HAVE to trim the beard, or he is dripping food and water all over.

Sigh. Jake is so cute, so loving. And such a pain in the ass to groom. Have a wonderful weekend.

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