Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last night was the type of thunderstorm that we had not had in over 6 months. I enjoy a good thunderstorm, as long as I'm safely inside somewhere. But by 8pm, I had an alert on my smart phone from the National Weather Service about a possible tornado in our area. The local Fox station removed the regular programming and started with the weather coverage.

The front was moving fairly slow, and we watched it on television as it crept to our town. But when it hit? Good golly Miss Molly.  Both dogs were on the bed with me, not shaking or panting, just wanting to be close. They know mom will protect them. I am thankful they aren't afraid of the weather. I've had dogs in the past where I could end up spending hours on the floor with them, trying to keep them calm. No, my two slept, but both stayed within arm reach of me.

The threat of serious weather is over, it is cooler, and I am loving this. What a strange weather year it has been, with a super warm spring, then drought, and now catch-up on the rain. Life in the midwest is not dull.

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