Friday, September 7, 2012

Puppy Pool Party

This weekend is the 6th annual Puppy Pool Party at Splash Island in Plainfield, IN. This is our local water park, and once they close for the season for humans, the dogs are allowed in the pools for a fund raiser. It is against state law for humans and dogs to be in the water at the same time, so us two legged people have to stay on the deck.

Gracie refuses to get her fur wet. So she will stay with me. However. See the above of Jake. I seriously doubt I will have a problem getting the little guy to go in the water. Free balls and frisbees are provided to entice the dogs. Doubt I'll even need that.

Those are my knees in the third photograph. Jake was taking a break and, well, if mom is near he has to touch me in some way.

Whatever you do this weekend, have a good one.

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