Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blessed Rain

The Hibiscus once again bloomed

Watching the neighborhood
We have had rain. Lots of rain. I am not complaining. Oh, no, believe me, I would not complain about rain. After the third summer of drought, seeing trees die and lawns burn, I would never complain about rain again. It blows my mind that a few inches of rain revives the plants. My Hibiscus out front were still green but without buds. Now look at them. There are fresh blooms every morning.

The only down side is the attack of the killer mosquitoes. I use that phrase in jest, but the outbreaks of West Nile virus are increasing in our state. The mosquitoes are little and vicious. I was out on the deck with the dogs for just a few minutes last night after dark. I have bites everywhere.

Enjoy your day. Stay safe.

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