Friday, August 24, 2012


I haven't been taking any photos of late, and this has to stop. First of all, I miss it. And secondly, I am digging back into my file folders for something to post. Not really a problem, but I want something NEW. Yeah, it's my own fault, I know. All of the above shots are from Folly Beach, South Carolina. Except the rose, which was at one of the plantations we visited.

We have been working hard to complete Halloween crafts to sell in our booth. The days just seem to fly by, and I have not been able to just sit and relax. Today I am changing the pattern. Yes, it is good to work hard, but that little creative edge can easily be lost if you don't just breathe.

The dogs and I are heading for our morning walk. Always helps to put life in perspective. Enjoy yourselves.

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