Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pool Party for the Dogs


Dega, the host

My friend, Melissa, has a Wheaton Terrier named Dega. Dega, being an only dog, is spoiled. I jest. ALL the dogs in our group are spoiled. It just goes with the territory. But Dega has two wading pools for his pleasure. The backyard of their home has shade from a line of trees to separate the subdivision from the hospital complex to the west. It's the perfect set up for a pool party, as there is also a privacy fence.

Jake, being part terrier and we now think that part is Airedale, loves the water just like Dega. The boys had a blast, sticking their faces down to the bottom of the pools to cool off. Gracie, being a Diva, won't get wet. At all. I've tried. Rylee will go in to cool off her paws, but she prefers swimming in a lake.

A good time was had by all. The moms took their shoes off and stood in the pools for a few minutes, trying to entice little Miss Gracie to get in. She wasn't having it. This was a welcome relief yesterday. Our temperature shot up to 101 by 5pm. With the shade and water we got the dogs out for an hour to play and keep cool.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy yourselves.

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