Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog Groomer?

When I still had Sarge, the Sheltie, I truly tried to groom him at home. It became impossible. He had undercoats under other undercoats, and became terribly matted. I ended up taking him to a groomer on a monthly basis. She did a very good job, and his fur was always untangled and moved beautifully when he ran.

Dog grooming is, or can be, expensive, and I decided after having Jake for a month or two that he didn't need grooming. He just needed his face trimmed once a month. Please look at both photographs above. Dega, the white dog, is trimmed on a regular basis by his mom, Melissa. Because Dega and Jake are both terriers, the fur growth is very similar. So Melissa has not only given me tips on how to trim Jake's face, but has done it in the past as well.

Today, being totally insane, I decided to trim Jake's facial hair prior to giving him a bath. His beard was way too long, and the hair growing off the ends of his ears was down to his chin. Note how Melissa has evenly trimmed Dega's ears, beard, and nose.

I would love to show you an "after" picture of Jake, but he isn't coming near me. Getting a haircut and bath all in one morning has made the boy wary of coming closer than 3 feet to his mom. Suffice to say that his beard is not even, his ears are, the trimming around his eyes is uneven, and if he sees the scissors, he hides. Gracie, who is beautiful no matter what and never needs a trim, is laughing a lot.

Have a good day.

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