Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Several weeks ago, one of our dog friends notified us that there would be a fundraiser for the Indianapolis Humane Society at Creation Cafe. It was this past Sunday. The restaurant has outdoor seating, overlooking the canal in downtown Indy. What we all didn't predict was that the temperature would be in the mid 90's. There were big umbrellas over the tables, and that certainly helped. They also provided 2 small child type wading pools filled with water.

Dogs either love water, or don't much care about getting wet. My boy Jake loves to wade. So he immediately entered one of the small pools to cool off his paws. Gracie is a Diva, and doesn't care about getting wet. She just looked at it, and I tried to get her to go in, but no, mom, I'm not doing that. You will notice in the last photograph all of the water on the pavement. If you look in the lower left corner, you'll see a set of white paws. That is Dega, a Wheaton Terrier. Dega flips water dishes. He was hot, so that was the solution. I was glad to see all of the water dishes scattered around, but the folks in charge were not prepared for Coal, the Newfie above. A dish that size is just getting the big boy started.

We were very concerned about eating and getting the dogs out of there. A portion of what we paid for the meal went to the Humane Society. Coal, Gracie, and Jake all rode in the back of my Escape, with Coal sucking up the air conditioning. Gracie won't argue with Coal when in the car. She knows better. It was a good afternoon.

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