Monday, June 11, 2012

And I gave you a bath because?

Gracie, rolling in the grass and rubbing her body along the fence

Jake in the living room, snoozing
A few days ago I decided the dogs needed a bath. At this time of year, I try to bathe them every other week. They can get rank if I don't. So why is it, immediately after the bath, Gracie rubs her entire body on the chain link fence? Then rolls in the grass? The Diva hates getting wet, but has no problem rolling in whatever she can find.

Jake, on the other hand, just wants to run around the yard to dry off. I took this shot of him this morning. He follows me from room to room, so if I'm doing laundry, he is on the couch just outside of the utility room. So cute. And very happy.

Have a good, productive day.

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