Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chilly Spring

Gracie has become my constant companion. She wants to be petted whenever I sit down, regardless of where I am sitting. Part of this is her own insecurity, I'm sure. "Are you going to get rid of me now, Mom?" No, we didn't get rid of Sarge. Sarge left us, either voluntarily or with force.

Yesterday was sunny but chilly. March is such an unpredictable month in the Midwest. We had 8 days of spring weather, then it turned downright cold again. I bundled up to take Gracie for a long walk at townhall park, then for a romp at the dog park.

My girl has been known as the noisy, barking Aussie at the dog park. She is so alpha, doesn't tolerate submissive female dogs at all, and can be quite bossy. That has now all changed. She plays quite well with the other guys. Note I said "guys", because I just realized she was the only female in the pack yesterday. We stayed for over 2 hours, so she would be tired, and she was. She also didn't want to leave, which is the Gracie of old. In the past two weeks since Sarge disappeared, Gracie would gladly enter the park, but after 30 minutes, she was standing at the gate to leave. Makes you wonder what is going on inside that head...

Another sure sign that Spring is here (beside the 32 degree reading this morning) is the blond streaks on her ears. From Spring to Fall, Gracie sports the most beautiful blond fur on and around her ears. I am envious.

Have a great day.

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