Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild Dogs

It wasn't me, Mom.

I'm sorry, Mom! I really, really am.

Starting to make Christmas Cards
The remnants of the storm from yesterday are still in the area in the form of strong winds. What a nice phrase, "strong winds." In this particular instance, it means "Hold onto your hat and dog, Dorothy, cause we're going for a long ride." We went for our regular morning walk at townhall park, and when we came home my two darlings turned into Wild Dogs.

Wild Dogs for Gracie and Sarge mean they both have excess energy and will race through the house chasing each other, chewing on one another, and in general acting like happy dogs. Gracie had herded Sarge around the dining room table, and he lost traction on the wood floor. The tall, heavy Jim Shore angel I had standing by the dining room window crashed to the floor, leaving dents in the finish and breaking off part of the hymnal the angel was holding.

Sarge immediately took off for my bedroom closet. This is one of his safe zones. It was an accident, I didn't yell at either dog, and he came out a few minutes later when he realized I wasn't screaming. We then went outside so they could run some more, and I shot the pics above. What is a mom to do?

The Christmas card is for an upcoming class at Allyscraps. I'm trying to stay away from using just white, or just red and green. Still experimenting. Thanks for stopping by.

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