Monday, October 25, 2010

We're Back!

Beautiful view of Pat's "backyard".

The creek as seen from the deck

End of the season

Her hands are never still

This is Bella
I drove up to the south suburbs of Chicago with the dogs in the back seat on Saturday. My first great-grandchild, Isabella Clare, was born Sept. 2nd, and due to car problems, I had not yet seen her. So of course it rained the entire time we were up there. But of course.

The gorgeous fall foliage is what my friend, Pat, sees from the rear of her home. She doesn't really have a backyard, as the landscape slopes downward towards a creek. The woods are Pat's. The house sits on almost 2 acres of land, with a huge side yard. So I stood under the eaves of her house, snapping these shots in the pouring rain. Gracie had her nose up to the wind, smelling the coyotes and deer in the woods, I'm sure.

We then went to my stepdaughter's home to see Bella. She looks just like my granddaughter, her mother. What a beautiful baby. The shots of Bella were taken with natural northern light coming in the family room windows. I love the photo of her tiny hands. She plays with them, waving her fingers around, even in her sleep. And yes, she is part Italian, so it is natural she speaks with her hands.

Gracie was a tad jealous, because she has been the center of attention when we visit. Sarge was fascinated with the baby's smell, and wanted to gently lick her hands....a lot. We stopped that. He then sat and gazed at her. But they were both good with her, and I'm grateful for that.

Have a great day.

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