Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful Night Sky

Western sky around 8pm

Mother Nature at her best

Had breakfast, early morning nap time

We arrived home from the dog park last night a little late, so I didn't get my own supper until 7 or after. The dogs wanted out into the backyard, and when I opened the door, the sky was glowing with this magnificent light. What your eye sees and what the camera reveals or often not the same thing, but this time it came pretty close. I have tons of photographs of the sky and clouds. The subject fascinates me, makes me feel good in some strange way.

The dog shots are from this morning. This is the leather chair in my living room. It is Gracie's favorite place to sleep during the day. You will note the scratched patch on the seat. Well. Someone with out a tail who will remain nameless did that about a year ago. I awoke to her digging at the seat of the chair, in the middle of the night. The damage was done by the time I got down the hallway from the bedroom. Does she look even remotely guilty? No, she does not. My little diva.

Have a good day. I'm going to vote, early. Don't forget that election day is next Tuesday. Don't forget to buy Halloween candy. I think that's it....

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