Friday, October 29, 2010

Tickle Me

What? What are you doing?

I don't want to be tickled, Mom.

Oh, yeah. That spot is good...
Bella is 7 weeks old in these photographs. Baby faces are hilarious. They can screw up those noses and lips into the worse contortion, then simply relax and let it all go.

She is growing so fast, and I will only get to see her when I make the trip north. This would bother me more if she were a granddaughter, but being a great-granddaughter, I am more of an observer than I was with her mom and aunt. Don't get me wrong, I love her and love being with her, but with the passage of time and getting older, you learn how to take a few steps back.

What I need to do is find some of her mom's baby pictures, scan them, and do a scrapbook page with pictures of Terra next to Bella. She so looks like her mom at this age. Isn't it strange how 22 years can fly by before you realize it? I vividly remember taking care of Terra at this age, poopy diapers and all!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the trick or treaters, and what will probably be the last of the fall weather.

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