Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend

Lovely fall colors

I'm not sure why, but the towns in our area are choosing which days the kids can trick or treat. Our town is today, Saturday the 30th. Others are tomorrow. Gee, what are the chances I'm going to have trick or treaters both days?

These are some more photographs of Pat's woods behind her house. I'm not sure how much house work I'd get done if I had this panorama of color to gaze at out my windows. It just relaxes me and makes me smile.

Just so you know, I am not, repeat, NOT dressing up the dogs for Halloween. A lot of people do, and if I remember correctly, I had a few come to the door last year. But Sarge is so insecure anyway, and Gracie is, well, she is Gracie. You would have to meet her to understand that anything you put on this dog would not last long. Or she would just refuse to move, hanging her head in shame. Gracie does consider herself to be a Diva, the head female of the dog park. It has a great deal to do with being an Australian Shepherd. I'm hoping she'll mellow with age. One can only hope.

Enjoy your trick or treats. Give the kids a smile along with the candy.

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