Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Warm Halloween

One of her favorite spots for daytime naps

She can catch the sun on a chilly day from a south window

Sarge's favorite spot anytime

He always sleeps in this position
We had a busy day yesterday. Went for a long, late morning walk, then to the dog park around 2. It was crowded with dogs wanting to run. Maybe they all sense that the good weather will shortly come to an end. Both of my guys had a good workout, chasing each other and the numerous dogs that were there.

We hardly ever have people coming to the front door and ringing the doorbell. So last night was unusual with the trick or treaters, and drove the two of them nuts. Lots of barking, running back and forth. After the first few, they calmed a bit and would go to the door with me to greet the kids. Several little kids got their hands kissed along with a few pieces of candy. Gracie and Sarge received lots of compliments (oh, I love your dogs!), and were very well mannered. And the children that were out last night were extremely well mannered as well. I was impressed. Not one child failed to say "thank you" or was anything but polite.

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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