Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stormy Sky

The Arborvitae in the back yard that have been watered

Gracie, with Sarge a blur

Oh, PLEASE rain!
We woke to stormy skies, but no rain yet. It's raining to the north, and our chances will increase as the morning progresses. I hope so.

I have Kentucky Blue grass in the small backyard. Look at it. Crunch. I have not watered my grass, but have soaked the perennials and the trees. The grass will come back, it's just gone into a dormant stage. Or at least that is what everyone tells me. The major concern is the darling little brown dog in the above photo. She loves to graze. Like a cow. When the grass is green and growing, she'll walk along the fence and just chew. Not because she is sick. No, she just likes the taste of grass. So what does she do when it's like this? She pulls up the dried brown stuff, eats a little, and then digs a hole to lick the earth underneath. Consequently, I have small holes all over the backyard.

What is a mom to do? Thanks for stopping by.

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