Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spooky Tails

Joy and the gang
Last year my friend Vicky and I attended the Spooky Tails fundraiser for the Hendricks County Humane Society. We didn't dress our dogs in costumes. But Joy, a dog mom we know from the dog park, did dress her gang. She was Dorothy, and the dogs were the straw man, the tin man, and the lion from The Wizard of Oz. She won first place in the contest.

I had company this weekend and couldn't attend, but yesterday was the Spooky Tails event for this year. I am happy to say that it was well attended, and there were quite a few dogs in Halloween costumes. We just happened to see some of it after our morning walk in the park. Besides the costume contest, they set up various games for the dogs to play, all of them involving getting a treat. I'm not sure what game was being played next to the washrooms, but the treats were cut up hot dogs. Guess who discovered the hot dogs without playing a game? Yes indeed, my little food hog, Gracie!

A round of applause to all that were there supporting the Humane Society. Does my heart good.

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