Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Dog Friends


Simone, not particularly happy


That was pretty good, Mom!


The Bodacious Beau Dog
The above dogs belong to my friend, Sandy. I took these shots last October when I went to Wisconsin to visit, and pick up Sarge. Sandy really didn't have a lot of different photographs of her dogs, so we put them in the yard, one by one, and snapped a bunch of pictures. Like almost 300. It was fun. It's digital. I love digital photography because the only cost involved is if you decide to print.

Beverly's purpose in life is to look beautiful, and she knows it. Jeeves has been in agility trials, and I believe Beau has done some obedience trials. Simone, to me, is the slightly off step sister to the group. I think she is adorable, and I love the out-of-sorts expression on her face.

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