Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Backyard Blues

Sarge with the wind blown look

Gracie over one of her many holes

What is that???

Mom, please, stop already

It rained this afternoon. I was, of course, absolutely thrilled. The dogs looked at the clock at 4pm and asked why we weren't on our way to the dog park. This is a subject that has come up in conversation amongst the dog owners more than once. We swear that they can all tell time, or at least when the time is near to eat or head out for the park.

The sky was overcast, and I looked at the radar image online. It appeared more rain was moving in, so we went to the backyard to stretch our legs. Gracie has a series of holes dug in the yard. She does this for two reasons: the first is to eat the grass. What can I say? She grazes, she always has. The second reason is she likes to lick the dirt, and if you look closely at a few of the above photos, you can see little particles of dirt hanging off her nose.

Sarge is sporting his new look. He went to the groomers last Friday and probably lost 3 pounds.  But he looks great, and we think he knows this. He's back to prancing.

We're going to try and get out to take some fall photos tomorrow. The autumn color is beautiful this week. Whatever you do, enjoy your day.

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