Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frantic Pace

I have two very good friends who are teaching me a valuable lesson. Life is short, don't always say yes. Don't always agree to do something just to keep someone else happy or content. It's your life, so guess what? You get to live it.

And I've been guilty of late loading too much on my plate. Some things are absolute and necessary. It's the extras, the "oh, let's go off and do this while we are doing that" that will get you in trouble. Throw a monkey wrench like lack of sleep into the mix, and suddenly you just don't feel like doing anything.

So as I look at the calming photos I posted today, I once again realize what is important to me. My health is right up there on the list, and intertwined with that fact is exercise. Movement is essential, walking is euphoria, especially at this time of year. My pace is slower today. We're going sheepherding, which I truly enjoy. Being out in the fresh air with Gracie, learning something new every single time we go, that is pure pleasure.  This afternoon I teach one pool class. Again, exercise is the answer, what is your question?

So take a moment, just one moment, today to smell the leaves and crispness in the air. In a few short weeks that will disappear. We should all enjoy each day, because it is a gift. Make it a great one.


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